Hive Glove Protection Bag

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Product Description


    Hive is a top of the line, weather-resistant, neoprene glove bag with a patented plastic shell secured inside. The universal shell is specifically designed to protect the player's desired shape and maintain the pocket. Any glove will fit directly in.  Durable neoprene bag resists everyday wear and tear to extend the life of your Hive and most importantly, your glove. Pull the knots on the paracord double drawstring closed and your glove will come out exactly how you put it in. Those expensive gloves are worth being properly cared for, The Hive makes it easy! 

    • Extends longevity of glove
    • Maintains player's unique glove shape
    • All size gloves slide directly into patented inner shell
    • Holds pocket
    • Easy access drawstring opening
    • High quality neoprene bag
    • Great for travel and between innings

    About Stinger Sports

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