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Custom Stinger Pro Grade, 3 Bat Pack
Custom Stinger Pro Grade, 3 Bat Pack
Custom Stinger Pro Grade, 3 Bat Pack

Custom Stinger Pro Grade, 3 Bat Pack

About this item

Save money by buying 3 bats at the same time! This pack includes 3 professional grade bats with custom finishings. You choose your type of wood, bat model, bat length, finish, colors, and custom engraving. Your bat - your way!


271 MODEL:
The Model 271 wood bat features a small tapered knob that fits perfectly in the bottom hand. The 271 is perhaps the most balanced wood bat available and is one of the most popular pro models we produce. Featuring a 7/8" handle and a 2 9/16" barrel diameter. This pro-grade wood bat design was originally developed to reduce hand and wrist injuries. 

The AP5 is one of the most popular wood bat models used today. It features a tapered knob that feels comfortable in the bottom of the players hand, a thin tapered handle, and a large barrel. These bats are well balanced. The thin handle and large barrel combine to give the bat more flex, ideal for a hitter looking to get more power out of their swing.

The M110 has been a tried and true bat model for a long time. It is a well-balanced bat with a traditional knob, a medium handle, and a powerful medium sized barrel. This bat is ideal for the player who hits for a high average with gap power.

JN11 MODEL: (P72)
The JN11 is named after our friend Jeremy "The Swingman" Nowak and is similar to the P72. It features a traditional knob, medium 2 31/64" barrel, and an ultra-thin 29/32" handle. This model type is very popular among professional players. The P72 features an end loaded feel that makes it a favorite for gap or power hitters. The JN11 has an end loaded feel. 

243 MODEL:
The 243 is a very popular bat for power hitters. It features a large full sized barrel and an ultra-thin handle for optimal flex and launch. The 243 has an end loaded feel. 

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