Custom Stinger Pro Grade Model 243 Wood Bat - Customer's Product with price 119.98 ID DigvqHjofDZYVMeRWQ87Ln-m

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Product Description

Specifications - Bat Wood Type Ash
Specifications - Bat Length 33”
Design - Barrel Color Grey
Design - Barrel Flame Feature +$5 Flamed Pine Tar Scar (5)
Design - Barrel Splatter Feature +$10 No
Design - Handle Color Clear
Design - Handle Flame Feature +$5 Flame Temper ( wood grain ) (5)
Design - Handle Add Splatter Feature +$10 No
Design - Stinger Logo Color USA
Design - Custom Engraving Munzy
Design - Text Color Silver
Design - Stripe Color Gold
Design - Bat Finish Matte
Design - Add a Grip +$9.99 White (9.99)
configId DigvqHjofDZYVMeRWQ87Ln-m

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