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*Demo Program* The NUKE Aluminum BBCOR Certified -3 Baseball Bat
*Demo Program* The NUKE Aluminum BBCOR Certified -3 Baseball Bat
*Demo Program* The NUKE Aluminum BBCOR Certified -3 Baseball Bat
*Demo Program* The NUKE Aluminum BBCOR Certified -3 Baseball Bat

*Demo Program* The NUKE Aluminum BBCOR Certified -3 Baseball Bat

Want to try it risk-free before you officially buy it? The Demo program is for you! How does it work?

Demo Program Terms:
Please read all to understand the program
Step 1:
Order your bat here. We will ship you out a demo bat in your selected size along with a return shipping label. 

Step 2: Once your bat arrives you will have a 3 day period to test it out and ship it back. Inside of the shipment, there will be a paper for you to check either "Ship my bat" or "Refund me" (you will include this paper with your selection when you ship back to us).

Did you like the bat during your demo?
If you liked the bat during your demo and would like to officially purchase the bat, you simply check the "Ship my bat" option. Once the demo bat is returned we will ship your bat to you with no additional charge. 

Did you dislike the bat during your demo?
If the bat did not live up to your expectations during your demo and you would just like a refund you will check the "Refund Me" option. Once the bat returns to us we will refund you for the retail price of the bat $229.99 (Demo cost $239.99 minus $10  handling fee) 

What happens if I go over the 3 day trial period? 
We will be tracking the return shipment. You will have 3 full days to try out the bat with the 4th day being the "Ship day". If you don't ship the bat back to us on the 4th day there will be a 24 hour grace period. If the demo is not shipped by the end of this period, we will assume you chose to keep the bat and it will be officially yours. 

For example:  You receive on July 1st, you will have July 2-4 to try it out. July 5th is the ship by day. If not shipped by July 5th there is a 24 hour period, after that if still not shipped back, the bat is yours. Easy peasy! 

*Note, some demo bats will be brand new in the wrapper, and some will be used demos. If you receive a new bat and choose the "Ship my bat" option. No need to send it back to us. Just keep the new bat that was sent to you and let us know your choice via email. 

Don't need a Demo and just want to buy your NUKE? CLICK HERE


The NUKE is carefully and strategically designed to help you perform your best at the plate. Engineered to optimize exit velocity and pop right out of the box, no break-in needed! Make no mistake, this bat was designed to destroy baseballs.

In our rigorous testing, we put the NUKE up against industry-leading bats twice the price and each time it passed with flying colors. 

We set out to develop a top-performing BBCOR bat and offer it at an affordable price, The NUKE is here to change the game!  

Product Features:

  • Slightly End-Loaded for that perfect blend of POP and Control. This bat was made to launch baseballs.
  • Power Loaded Barrel Technology
  • Pro inspired handle which features a slight taper with an ergonomic knob shape to cater to all player grip styles
  • High tack and soft feel grip for optimal bat control
  • BBCOR Maximum 2 5/8" Barrel
  • Matte Black and Metallic Gold Finish
  • 12 Mo Warranty 
  • BBCOR Certified