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Product Description

Base - SIZE 11.75"
Base - Wrist Type Traditional
Base - Finger Hood or Pad Pad
Base - Finger Hood or Pad Placement Index Finger
Base - Lace Length Long
Base - Web Style Trapeze Web
Base - Throwing Hand Left
Color - Binding Black
Color - Home Plate Dark Blue
Color - Finger Pad Dark Blue Snakeskin
Color - Laces Dark Blue
Color - Leather 1 Black
Color - Leather 2 Black
Color - Leather 3 Black
Color - Leather 4 Black
Color - Leather 5 Black
Color - Leather 6 Black
Color - Leather 7 Black
Color - Leather 8 Black
Color - Logo Color Grey
Color - Index Logo Color Grey
Color - Palm Dark Blue
Color - Stitching Brown
Color - Web Red Snakeskin
Color - Welting Brown
Color - Wingtip Pinky Red Snakeskin
Color - Wingtip Thumb Red Snakeskin
Color - Wrist Black Snakeskin
Personalize - Thumb Logo/Graphic Home Plate Logo
Personalize - Thumb Text confidence
Personalize - Thumb Text Color Gold (Crayola)
Personalize - Special Instructions

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