The Most Durable & Best Performing Batting Gloves On The Market

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When a baseball company is owned by baseball players you know you are getting products that are designed with the player in mind. That's exactly what you get with us here at Stinger Bat Company. One problem baseball and softball players constantly have is batting gloves that just rip apart even after light use.   We have set out to solve this age old problem with our EXTREMELY DURABLE batting glove line. We have carefully and tediously designed these gloves to be strongest in the areas where gloves tend to rip. Our batting gloves are made with top of the line materials, double stitched and re-enforced so that they perform well when you need them to. 

Probably the absolute best part about our gloves is they are AFFORDABLE! These days batting gloves can run you upwards of sixty bucks per pair. That's a hefty fee to be paying for a product that barely lasts you a few BP sessions. Our batting gloves start at ONLY $27.99 and they are available in a variety of colors and paterns. You can check them out by clicking the button below. Be sure to check out our video for some more demonstration on how our batting gloves are the cream of the crop in baseball and softball!  
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