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Stinger Super Draft, Lake Wylie SC Countdown

November 4-6 2022, Field Day Park

Stinger SuperDraft

Lake Wylie, SC

Experienced vet or brand new to slowpitch, this is the event you don't want to miss! 

  • Food Vendors

    Varieties of Food

  • 100% Fun


  • Softball Games

    Guarantee 4 Games

  • All Are Welcome

    No Skill Set required

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Why Stinger Superdraft?
create friendships and memories that will last a lifetime

  • Put the S on your chest!

    Each participant gets 2 Stinger Jerseys and 1 Flex Fit hat

  • Good Eats and Beats

    No need to leave the park once you get there, Entertainment for the whole family the entire weekend! There will be great food venders, and music. This isn't just a tournament, it's a full on CELEBRATION! 

  • Prizes and Giveaways

    Come out and hangout with your peers and other participants while having a chance at a few giveaways.

  • Meeting New People

    Meeting Men and Women that have all the same interest as you when it comes to Slowpitch Softball...!!

  • Guaranteed safe checkout

Benefits of a Stinger Superdraft

Meet New People

Beginner or Pro 

Doesnt matter your skill level

  • Random Team Draw

  • 4 Game Guaranteed

  • Building Friendships


Looking for Pitchers

Each Team will have 1 guaranteed Pitcher

  • 50 Min Time Limit

  • 2 Day Event

  • Balls Provided

Stinger Apparel

2 Jerseys & Hat

Each Person Gets Stinger Swag for Entering

  • 2 Custom Team Jerseys

  • 1 Team Stinger Hat

  • Looking Good all Weeken

  • Jerseys

    2 Custom Team Jerseys

  • Team Hats

    1 Team Hat

  • Music

    Constant Fun

  • Food

    Food Vendors

Commonly asked

Commonly asked

What is a Stinger Superdraft?

Superdraft allows you to be able to participate in a Fun softball environment whether your a Seasoned Vet or Brand New to slowpitch softball.

How does a Superdraft work?

When signing up, you let us know what positions you play, we then draft you onto a random team. You may know someone on your team you may not, the purpose is to meet new people and have fun doing so through softball.

What are some things to expect while attending?

We will have softball going on as well as Music, Food vendors and much more around the Field Day Park Complex. You will have a great time as well as make some great friendships.

Who all Can participate in the Superdraft?

We ask anyone participating that you be atleast 16 years of age.