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Batting Gloves

Gloves made by ball players, for ball players! Finally, gloves designed to play as hard as you do!

Bring your “A” game to the field with Stinger baseball batting gloves

Every player that steps up on the plate to bat is aiming for solid contact. To achieve this, they need to produce a nice swing with maximum control and power. To make sure your bat doesn’t slip out of your hands at the crucial moment many players use batting gloves! They are designed to enhance your grip and dexterity, thus, boosting your overall performance. Batting gloves are also an essential accessory to protect your hands from minor injuries, keep them warm and separate sweaty hands from bat handles.

Stinger Sports' online store offers premium-quality softball and baseball batting gloves for sale at reasonable prices. Thanks to ultra-soft and durable sheepskin leather and breathable Elasti-Mesh backing, Stinger gloves provide excellent grip, support, and comfort that you need to show the best results every time you are at-bat. Every glove is double stitched in specific areas to ensure strength. Spandex finger separations and articulated thumbs allow you to move freely, while strong Velcro wrist wraps offer good compression. Our store carries every size from Youth Small to Adult XXL – as well as a variety of colors to match your team. Browse the catalog and take your pick!

Do you really need batting gloves for softball and baseball or are they just for show?

The discussion over this issue has been going on for over 50 years now. Some players swear by batting gloves, while others choose to play barehanded. Here at Stinger Sports, we believe that every player is different, and our job is to provide every one of them with high-quality options to select from. Here are some benefits of batting gloves that can help you decide:

  • Better grip

It doesn’t matter if you have a wooden bat or a metal one – when your hands get sweaty, you lose grip and miss the ball. Gloves soak in the sweat, increasing your results at the plate. Our premium leather enhances a player's grip to a level that isn't achievable with bare hands.

  • Protection

Wearing gloves can lessen the vibration and sting during a hit. They can also protect your hands from developing blisters.

  • Safe slide

It is easy to get a friction burn during sliding. Buy the best batting gloves to run the bases with no fear! *Note, putting your hands down while sliding will ultimately reduce the life of any batting glove, even Stingers.  

Still prefer bare hands? We have something for you too! Our 100% organic beeswax is better than any pine tar you have ever tried. It lasts longer, provides a much better grip, and freshens your equipment bag with a scent people simply can't get enough of.

How to buy baseball batting gloves online?

The most important part of shopping for batting gloves online is figuring out your size. It is crucial that the item you choose fits perfectly – not too loose and not too tight either. There is a Stinger size chart in every product description to help you make the best purchase. Once you got the right size, pick a design you like, and click “Add to cart” or “Buy it now” to go straight to checkout.

You can always find cheap batting gloves on the Internet, but they will most likely be 100% synthetic and won’t match the quality of Stinger Gloves! A good leather glove not only performs better, but they will ultimately last longer also. Contact us at any time for more information about batting gloves prices and shipping. Swing and hit every time with Stinger Sports!