Prime Series - Stinger Pro Grade Wood Bat

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Product Description

Our standard finish bat is available in the AP5 & TP17 models.

All of our bats are made using the highest quality wood available, all of our customers get the same quality wood bat that the pros swing.

Bat Model Descriptions
SWING WEIGHT Balanced Ultra-Balanced
BARREL 2.5" 2.45"
HANDLE 0.98" 0.94"
KNOB Tapered Tapered
MADE in the USA

If you are looking for another model bat or would like a custom bat CLICK HERE

About Stinger Sports

From start to finish Stinger Sports products are carefully crafted with precision and attention to detail. We are baseball players ourselves and we know what a ball player wants out of their equipment. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products available. When you step into the box with Stinger products in your hands, you can have the confidence required to be the best hitter you can be.

Customer Reviews

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Very impressed with the pro grade standard finish wood bat. I ordered the bat (31 in) in birch for my 14 year old son's first wood bat tournament. I was a little concerned about the weight with it being an AP5 turn model, so I ordered a 110 from a competitor as well. The Stinger AP5 was the lighter swinging bat of the two. My son also liked the thinner handle. We ended up adding a thin .5mm wrap. The bat saw lots of action in the batting cages in the week leading up to the tournament and then during the tournament, 5 or 6 teammates used the bat consistently. My son is on the smaller side for a 14 year old and he had no trouble getting this bat through the zone. It was also used by several larger teammates. My son has used the Stinger Missile II and Victus Vandal alloy bats most of the season and swinging this was not a huge adjustment. In addition to the bats, we've ordered a tee shirt and hat from Stinger. We waited a while on the Missile II due to supply chain issues, but the wood bat, the hat, and the shirt were all delivered quickly and customer service has been excellent.

Trent Stepp
Looks good, swings good.

Bought as a Christmas gift for my son, he is loving it. Swings nice and looks great. Quality all around, thanks!