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What's on deck...

We are currently  developing some really awesome stuff that we know you are going to love. One of the next items we will be offering that we are really excited about is a Stingman Golf Glove! Jeremy has been testing out the prototypes over the last several months with thousands upon thousands swings. If you have seen any of his recent training videos then you have definitely seen him wearing the prototypes. We have come up with a design and construction that we are really pumped about, and we can't wait to share it with you. Stay tuned, they will be available soon! 

Jeremy's Story

After being drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in 2010, Jeremy went on to have a 5 year Professional Baseball Career before deciding to retire as a Pro Baseball Player. Jeremy was a High A All Star selection in 2012. Jeremy continues to play amateur baseball in Buffalo, NY for Erie Buffalo and in several tournaments for the Stinger Sports 18+ team. Check out the videos to see Jeremy's full story about his Baseball Career.

The swings

Ever since Jeremy was a kid he loved to imitate his favorite players' swings. He naturally started with Ken Griffey Jr. which is actually how he learned to hit as a lefty. Now a switch hitter, Jeremy imitates the stance, swings, and of coarse pimp jobs and bat flips of some of the biggest names in baseball from both sides of the plate.  His impressions are so spot on, that he often gets personation requests from the pros themselves.

Long Drive

On an impromptu trip to Top Golf, Jeremy was joking around and hit a driver using a what can be described as a half-baseball half-golf swing by swinging his front leg across his body before swinging violently at the ball. Not only did the ball go extremely far, but it was also straight as an arrow! He tried it again, same result. With a baseball background, Jeremy was always able to hit a golf ball pretty far, but by incorporating what is now known as "The Nowak Step" into his swing, it really took his distance to another level. In the spring of 2019, Kind of on a whim, Jeremy decided to enter into a long drive competition. In his first ever competition "The Nowak Step" was getting a lot of attention. People had never seen someone hit a ball that way and with those kind of results. What results you might ask? Well he did so well that he was asked to participate in the World Long Drive Championships later that year. Fast forward to the WLD Championship, Jeremy placed 24th in the World. At that point he knew that he wanted to pursue Long Drive as a full participant in 2020. Jeremy can be found training daily at the local Golf Dome in Buffalo, NY. You can check out some of his training videos on his Instagram Page and YouTube Channel