Missile S Aluminum BBCOR Certified -3 Baseball Bat

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Size 31" 28oz

Product Description

Step up your game with the Missile S BBCOR Bat! Its balanced feel and ultra-light swing weight make it a hitter's dream. New Hand Guard Vibration Reducing Tech is a game-changer, reducing vibrations on mis-hits, so you can stay in the zone and drive the ball with confidence. Thanks to Power Balanced Barrel Technology, you'll harness maximum power without sacrificing control. Dominate the diamond with the best feeling bat in BBCOR, the Missile S!

In our rigorous testing, we put the Missile S up against industry-leading bats twice the price, and each time it passed with flying colors. This is truly the best bang for you buck, balanced BBCOR on the market.


Product Features:

  • Ultra Light/Balanced swing weight for optimal control

  • Hand Guard Vibration Reducing Tech

  • Low Profile End Cap

  • Power Balanced Barrel Technology

  • High tack and soft feel grip for optimal bat control

  • BBCOR Maximum 2 5/8" Barrel

  • Matte Navy, Carolina Blue, White & Red accents

  • 12 Mo Warranty 

  • BBCOR Certified

About Stinger Sports

From start to finish Stinger Sports products are carefully crafted with precision and attention to detail. We are baseball players ourselves and we know what a ball player wants out of their equipment. We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products available. When you step into the box with Stinger products in your hands, you can have the confidence required to be the best hitter you can be.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Gregory Goodheart
great bat

Nice looking bat that performs well for high school sophomore (varsity_

Trevor Bullock

Best bang for your buck! My 16 yr old absolutely loves the swing and feel of this bat. Great pop, no sting, well balanced. Has achieved his top exit velo compared to other top brands.

Noah Franklin
Missle S 💪🏻

Huge fan of the new Missle S! Easily one of the best bats I have ever swung. Would recommend for everyone!


Son's first BP with the Missle S tonight. This was after an hour of trains and an hour of lifting. Added 3.9 MPH to his exit velocity personal record. Looking forward to many more PRs this off season.

Excellent bat

Got it sent to me before the release date. Easily had power ball flys exceptionally well of the bat. Was hesitant because of the smaller sweet spot on the barrel but is a true balance bat with major pop. Great bat, super light and perfect for hand speed and wanting power