Sequence Training Bat

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Product Description

The Sequence Training Bat’s new swing training technology separates ones hands while training. This powerful and patented feature affords baseball and softball athletes the ability to actually “feel to learn” how well sequenced their hands are at impact.

This immediate feedback (+ or -) provides athletes with a new understanding of hand movements their strength and weakness.

Teaching them the optimum swing plane/path and barrel control necessary for a more consistent and powerful swing!

This is truly one of the best training tools out there for hitters. 

Custom made out of the highest quality maple hardwood.
size: 6 1/4" x 25 1/2"
weight: 31oz to 36oz (low swing weight)
3 month mfg warranty
recommended for 11 years old and up
Patent No. : US 10,343,043 B1

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