• Power Balanced Barrel Technology

    features one of the largest and most powerful sweet spots in the game combined with one of the lightest swing weights in BBCOR 

  • BBCOR Certified

    Certified for use in all leagues requiring BBCOR Stamp, including High school and College play

  • Premium Grade Alloy

    Made with some of the strongest alloy in the game for durability and performance longevity

  • 12 Month Warranty

    full one year warranty for any defects


See how you stack up

When you hit a bomb with a Stinger bat let us know in the form below. Be sure to let us know your Instagram or Twitter Name, we LOVE giving shout outs! 


(must use a NUKE, MISSILE, or Stinger Wood Bat to count, one form of evidence per bomb. HR must be in game)

-Video Evidence - 10 points

-Score Book Evidence - 5 points

-Honor System (no evidence) - 1 point


Nobody likes a cheater right? Seriously though, we want to give you props for your bombs. Lets keep it honest. 

The Prize!

The winner at the end of 2022 will win a Stinger Swag Box which will include the NUKE 2 or MISSILE 2 (when available) as well as some other great exclusive items. Trust us, you won't be disappointed! 


1. Gavin Turley                      NUKES: 9               Points: 90

2. Clifton Olmedo                 NUKES:7                Points: 70

3. Hunter Parish                  NUKES: 6               Points: 60

4. Hunter Santos                  NUKES: 5               Points: 50

T5. Pedro Quero                    NUKES: 4               Points: 40

T5. Chase Lupton                  NUKES: 4                Points: 40

7. Prince DeBoskie                NUKES: 3                Points: 30

T8. Austin Menesini              NUKES: 3               Points: 25

T8. Colby Motley                    NUKES: 3                Points: 25

T10. Lenny Scoops                 NUKES: 2                Points: 20

T10. Deshawn Branch           NUKES: 2                Points: 20

T10. Elvis Lopez                      NUKES: 2                Points: 20

T10. Mauricio Grosso           NUKES: 2                 Points: 20

T10. Zach Wadas                   NUKES: 2                 Points: 20

T10. Holden Pantier             NUKES: 2                 Points: 20

T10. Christian Smith            NUKES: 2                 Points: 20

T10. Gavin Woodward          NUKES: 2                 Points: 20

Commonly asked

Commonly asked questions

How is the Missile 2 different from the original Missile from 2021?

The Missile 2 is a completely new bat for 2022. The Missile 2 features a newly engineered variation to our Power Balanced Barrel Technology to create a bat that has an unmatched combination of a crazy light swing weight + insane pop.

Can I exchange if I need a new size?

Absolutely! We have an easy exchange process and will accept exchanges without a hitch. Just be sure to keep the bat in it's original protective packaging until you are sure it's the size you want to keep. 

What is the difference between the Missile 2 and Nuke 2? 

The NUKE 2 has a heavier end loaded swing weight, and the Missile 2 has a balanced light weight swing weight. 

How long does shipment normally take?

Shipping takes between 1 -5 days depending on your location. We ship all stock items out the same or following business day for speedy delivery.